Personal Attention

The sexy part of personal training is that you get the trainer all to yourself. They tell you what to eat, what exercises to do, and pay 100% attention* to you during your session with the end goal being some serious results. You donʼt have to come up with your own workout and you arenʼt wandering around aimless or running on a treadmill for hours on end at one of those globogyms.

With Crossfit, our class size ranges between two to six people. You still receive personal attention from a certified coach. There is a prescribed workout of the day (WOD) so you donʼt have to come up with it yourself. The coach will teach form and mechanics and help you determine how you will perform the workout, if you require scaling. We also discuss nutrition options to find the right solution for the results you desire and your lifestyle. You get everything you might receive and more! We have best personal trainers!

Benefits of personal training include

    • Faster progress with technique
    • Quicker results
    • A CrossFit programme tailored to you